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Discover how Age Partnership improved frontline advisor speed-to-competency by 30% – improving customer advice and reducing exposure to regulatory risk

Matt Stirland, Director of Later Life Lending at Age Partnership, discusses the significant advisor speed-to-competency improvement Clever Nelly has delivered to the business. As they went through a large recruitment period, Age Partnership utilised Clever Nelly to maximise their training investment during onboarding and used real-time reporting to ensure that every financial advisor was evidently capable of delivering the required level of support and information they expected for their customers.

Learning outcomes include:

  • How Age Partnership improved advisor speed-to-competency by 30%.
  • How they reduced variation in training time by four weeks, supporting advisors to reach in-role proficiency faster.
  • How they improved Employee Satisfaction (ESAT) for ‘at risk’ employees by 80%.

Clever Nelly shines a light on where the potential gaps are in our training. So, it’s highlighting gaps in the material, but also highlighting to our people some of their own application of the knowledge and allowing them to take control.

Matt Stirland, Director of Later Life Lending at Age Partnership

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