Authentic Compliance

Why Consumer Duty is forcing firms to abandon the traditional approach to T&C and embrace AI-driven continual assessment.


This paper sets out to define what we mean by “Authentic Compliance” and why, indeed, it is a “thing” that firms regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) should be paying urgent attention to.

Why many – perhaps most – firms are currently falling short of the required standards of employee Training & Competence (T&C), and why this is akin to waving a red flag to the increasingly technically sophisticated regulator. And how harnessing Artificial Intelligence could solve the staff dissatisfaction issues associated with the traditional approach, whilst also paying for itself in lost time savings and underpinning good and purposeful culture in your firm.

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What you’ll learn


Why 50% of the UK’s top General Insurers choose to deploy our AI – Clever Nelly – to improve and evidence authentic compliance.


How our self-funding, continual assessment model gives productive revenue-generating time back to your business.


How we guarantee that your employees will learn and retain what you have trained them, reducing compliance fatigue and risk.