We help insurers to improve employee compliance, reduce employee risk and maximise business performance

→ Financially guaranteed results: Clever Nelly is a market-leading, multi-award-winning Artificial Intelligence platform that guarantees what you train your people, they learn and retain – and translate into in-role competence.

→ We stop your employees from forgetting critical training: no employee can act on training they have failed to learn or simply forgotten – this is why Clever Nelly exists.

→ Trusted by leading brands and SMEs: our customers – many of whom are household name firms, operating in regulated markets – use Clever Nelly to improve and evidence best-in-class employee compliance, reduce employee risk and to improve individual employee productivity and performance.

→ Safe and accredited technology: Clever Nelly is easy to deploy, cloud hosted and ISO27001 accredited.

→ Advocated by customers: our customers rate us 9.1/10 for ease-of-deployment and we have an NPS rating of 100.

→ Minimal intrusion, maximum impact: Clever Nelly uses less than 1 .5 minutes per day, per employee, to improve competence in the flow of work.


“Nelly has had more of an impact than we expected. We’ve had Nelly now for a year and a half and we’ve seen some real changes in things like employee retention, a reduction in customer complaints, and a reduction in the amount of rework that’s been needed as well. So there has been improvements across the board.

We are very focused on our values, and this has been even more of a focus with Consumer Duty. Nelly really helps to embed that and makes sure that learning is a key part of everything we do. Nelly is just an amazing way of keeping that knowledge retention going and to be able to interrogate that data and to know exactly what is happening with your people.”

Rachel McGann, Training Specialist at LV=

Senior management and 1000s of employees in these firms love Clever Nelly…

“For me, I would recommend Clever Nelly to anybody – any company, no matter how small or large – because the benefits and gains we have seen from it have just been invaluable.”

Colleague Development Leader at Hastings Direct Insurance, Ben Couldwell, tells us about the impact Clever Nelly has had at Hastings Direct. Watch our testimonial video to find out how they are continuing to build on colleague development month-on-month, with incredible results from the first seven months in competency improvements and related KPIs.

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Use case learning outcomes:

Speed-to-competency: how LV= improved employee competency by 30% in three key compliance categories, with employee competency increasing by 42% for customer vulnerability.

Complaint reduction: how LV= improved service levels, with Clever Nelly contributing to a 62.5% reduction in complaints.

Customer outcomes: how LV= reduced average call wait times from ten minutes to 1.5 minutes in specific lines of business.

Use case learning outcomes:

Speed-to-competency: how Danske Bank improved speed-to-competency, with an employee competency improvement of 44% for a cohort of new starters.

Training improvement: how they drove competency improvements of between 25% and 112% across six critical training categories.

Frontline capability: how they scaled up knowledge on the frontline by more than 15% for 18 out of 26 teams – using less than one minute of an employee’s working day.