Clever Nelly gives Moneybarn tangible MI that correlates employee knowledge improvements to a 4.5% reduction in AHT, giving them a 300% return.

“Having gone through a period of considerable recruitment, we needed to quickly cement knowledge and competence in-role. Nelly was able to help us do that. It’s a solution that helps our colleagues optimise their in-role performance, whilst giving us additional insight in terms of employee compliance and competence, and improvements to operational metrics.

Following the 90-day diagnostic playback, we’ve seen downturns in average handling times, wrap time reductions and improvements in fair outcomes as part of our quality assurance work – where Clever Nelly helps us to plug those gaps – and higher customer satisfaction.”

Dan Thompson, Strategy and Transformation Director at Moneybarn

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9% Improvement in customer outcomes

4.5% Reduction in Average Handling Time

38% Reduction in Average Hold Time

30% Reduction in Average Wrap Time

300% ROI on employee training

Moneybarn are committed to continuously identifying and integrating tools that will help them to underpin a culture of genuine employee competence and compliance.

Moneybarn’s primary target with Clever Nelly was to guarantee that training was learned and retained by their people, recognising that this would improve the quality of customer interactions and lead to better outcomes.

With the project driven by a dedicated resource from Elephants Don’t Forget and receiving ongoing involvement from senior stakeholders at Moneybarn, Clever Nelly demonstrated a 300% return on investment just six months into its deployment.

One of the factors behind this success was high employee engagement. We consider an 80% rate to be the minimum requirement for Nelly to work optimally to facilitate positive outcomes in employee competency and performance. Moneybarn achieved an impressive 93% average engagement rate, which resulted in knowledge levels increasing across ten categories by as much as 11%.

Six in ten employees maintained 100% engagement with Clever Nelly. These ‘top engagers’ scored 8% higher for individual competency compared to their colleagues with engagement under 80%. By instilling a continuous learning environment, Moneybarn were able to demonstrate significant improvements to core customer service KPIs, including a 4.5% reduction in Average Handling Time that was attributed to Clever Nelly.

The expert authoring team at Elephants Don’t Forget built question sets from Moneybarn’s existing training content. These incorporated assessments for industry-critical topics, such as customer vulnerability and the cost-of-living crisis, to determine an employee’s application of in-role knowledge.

During the diagnostic phase, each user received two questions per day. This data formed the individual baseline knowledge profiles from which Clever Nelly could begin customising learning opportunities to identify and close gaps. The AI then adjusted the frequency and subject matter of these interventions in real-time to support ‘mastery’ of the content.

Six months on, Moneybarn have seen tremendous success with Clever Nelly. The greatest impacts have been to fair outcomes, which have risen for new hires and tenured colleagues alike by 9%, as well as average wrap and hold times. Inadvertently, managers have also seen a marked impact to their culture. Employees “want to absorb the information” from their Nelly questions, they want to learn the training content and deliver better outcomes to their customers.

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