It’s taking Nucleus just two minutes a day to recognise and sustainably enhance employee competence across their customer service teams.

“With Clever Nelly, our people are really benefiting from the investment in their training. Simply by answering their questions, they’re building up their knowledge base daily – almost without realising it. Our baseline scores were pretty high to start with but Nelly is proving to be a great tool to develop their expertise so they can continue to drive really great customer outcomes.”

Nikki Cola, Head of Client Solutions at Nucleus



With a purpose to make retirement more rewarding, the Nucleus Financial Platforms Group apply their combined expertise and capabilities to deliver great customer outcomes. To support frontline employees, who must remain consistently adept at navigating an extensive breadth of technical knowledge, Nucleus socialised an Artificial Intelligence solution – Clever Nelly – across their customer service teams.

Data from Elephants Don’t Forget shows that the typical baseline for employee competency, pre-Nelly intervention, is 54%. Nucleus set a remarkable record by attaining a baseline score of 71%, putting them 31.5% ahead of the curve.

During the three-month diagnostic stage, over 5,910 employee competency assessments were distributed by the AI. Clever Nelly used this data to form individual knowledge profiles and customise learning experiences to repair gaps in employee competency in real-time. Previously, employee training followed the default format within the sector, everyone learned the same content at onboarding with annual refreshers for regulated subject matter.

With continual involvement from senior stakeholders, Clever Nelly is creating an environment where training is accessible; employees want to actively engage in their workplace learning development and participate in daily dialogues with colleagues.

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