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Welcome to the herd

Welcome Water Plus

As the largest water retailer in the UK – with 350,000 customers to serve – Water Plus are committed to improving employee competency.

The team from Water Plus had this to say on partnering with us:

“Clever Nelly from Elephants Don’t Forget will guarantee our colleagues have the highest level of knowledge in our evolving industry to support our customers quickly – and help deliver high standards of customer service with every interaction.”

Recent testimonials & feedback

Evidence compliance

Elephants Don’t Forget answered our challenge. How do we stay compliant whilst demonstrating continuity for our people in how they are supported? The AI is playing a crucial role in driving both these fronts globally across customer facing divisions and our support functions.

Speed to competency

“Clever Nelly supported us to implement a business-critical initiative and increased knowledge by 16% in just four weeks.”

Improve customer service

“Our FCR performance has gone from 78% to existing performance levels of 86% consistently, meaning we are more efficient, our customers are getting a better experience, and the client is receiving a world class level of service.”

Increase knowledge

“Nelly has been extremely successful for our business with average levels of knowledge increasing by over 30% in a year.”

Replace annual assessments

“We replaced annual knowledge testing with ongoing continual assessment deployed through Elephants Don’t Forget’s system and it is now integral to the performance of our organisation.”

Intuitive user experience

“The user experience is very simple, enjoyable and intuitive but below this sits an incredibly sophisticated self-learning application and work-flow mechanic. Clever Nelly is now embedded into the organisation and people have latched onto it.

Pleasure to work with

“We were delighted to win the Legal Education and Training Group’s ‘Best use of technology and innovation’ award in 2018 using Elephants Don’t Forget’s product. They are a pleasure to work with.”

Easy implementation

“A high-quality implementation led to BTPS getting recognised with an award for being the only firm to go live and achieve 100% employee engagement from launch for 90 days.”

Dedicated support

“I am always impressed with the Support that I get from your team. Clever Nelly herself might be a genius but she is only as good as her support act – and you all do a wonderful job.”

Cidalia Parker, Training Specialist

Events, news & media


In partnership with Aviva UK and Aviva Canada, we were awarded a cooperative Gold Award at the 2021 Brandon Hall Group Human Capital Management (HCM) Excellence Awards in the category of Best Advance in Machine Learning and AI.


In partnership with Aviva, We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for two coveted awards at this year’s National Technology Awards 2021 in the categories of Artificial Intelligence Solution of the Year and RegTech Project of the Year.


Our ISO 27001 accreditation reinforces our position as a globally recognised reputable software supplier and offers businesses objective validation that we are committed to providing each client we support with the highest level of customer satisfaction and service.


How can employee-centric AI support financial firms to meet their future expectations?

Most financial organisations are by now aware of the financial benefits of deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve process efficiency and reduce fraud; but are they aware of the benefits it can have on their employees and governance practices too?


Why Financial Firms Need a Continual Assessment Methodology to Measure Organisational Culture

We examine why it is difficult for financial firms to make cultural improvements if their people-based monitoring provisions are not supported by regular assessments.


In this discussion and workbook paper, Adrian Harvey, CEO of Elephants Don’t Forget, and Julie Pardy, Director of Regulation and Market Engagement at Worksmart, examine the issue of culture measurement within financial services.


We examine some of the key learning outcomes from our Culture Measurement webinar, and look at why a continual assessment methodology is crucial to generating meaningful positive indicators of culture change for financial firms.


In our most popular Purple Paper, we unlock the science behind how 1000s of businesses around the world are gaining competitive advantage by deploying the best training methods to ensure their training is expertly delivered and consistently retained by their employees.


What can the financial services sector learn from the Health and Safety Executive in matters pertaining to employee risk and compliance – and why should you care?


With consumer vulnerability increasing during the pandemic, we look at why employee competency and conduct is now more critical than ever to mitigate consumer and market harm.


We look at why suppliers need to increase their focus on evidenced-based outcomes to achieve the step-in-change vulnerability objectives required in 2021 and beyond.


Here you will find various media including: Purple Pages, Blog posts, podcasts and webinars on the hottest topics in the industry at the moment.

Celebrating Clever Nelly

“Happy Birthday to my favourite Elephant!”

##clevernelly #happy8thbirthday

Katie Furniss Clever Nelly Product Owner at Aviva

“Clever Nelly is 8 years old this month and it’s one year since Nelly became an integral part of our learning and development support. Launching the first week after lockdown had its challenges, but the support from Elephants Don’t Forget was superb and we have gone from strength to strength.”

Jonathan Martin Sales Excellence Manager – Financial Planning at Irish Life

“Please wish Nelly a happy birthday from all at Irish Life Health”

Cidalia Parker Learning & Development Professional at Irish Life Health

“It’s a great tool and an easy way for staff to keep up with their training . Great team support too from Elephants Don’t Forget when I was implementing it.”

Joanne Thompson (FCCA)

“Happy birthday to Nelly! Elephants Don’t Forget.”

Claire Lake Learning & Development Advisor at Family Building Society

“Happy Birthday Clever Nelly!”


Claire Mackay Learning & Development Business Partner at iamproperty

“Last month Clever Nelly joined us in our home to celebrate her 8th birthday, Elephants Don’t Forget. She disappeared very quickly after arriving, and I presumed that she was off enjoying the celebrations. Today she appears! It seems she’s been held captive by her new best friend.”

#elephantsdontforget #clevernelly #happy8thbirthday

Rhian-Louise Tuckwood Internal Communications and Engagement Business Partner at DCC plc

“Happy Birthday Nelly! Elephants Don’t Forget.”

Michael Lobban Senior Professional Education Manager at Stryker

“Looks like Nelly had a busy day yesterday! Thank goodness it is Friday. Nelly can recover at the weekend from all her Birthday celebrations so far. Thank you, Martin, for giving Nelly this opportunity to meet the bronze Herd again.”

Elephants Don’t Forget #clevernelly #Happy8thBirthday

“Faurecia is committed to ensuring the employability of our staff throughout their working life with learning, professional mobility, and on-the-job training. Clever Nelly is a great tool which helps managers to get to familiarise the process and most effectively retaining the knowledge.”

Naveen Aravind Senior Human Resources Generalist at Faurecia

“Happy 8th Birthday Nelly! Loved having you keeping me company on my desk this week, although I’m not sure my cat felt the same way so I’m sorry he kept trying to eat you!”

#clevernelly #happy8thbirthday

Nicole Denny Learning & Talent Development Adviser

“Truly celebrating eight years of improving employee competency around the world!”

Jeannette Tokeley Head of Employee Engagement at Takepayments

“Wishing a very Happy Birthday to this friendly purple elephant!”

#clevernelly #happy8thbirthday

Candice Porter Learning & Development Partner

“Happy Birthday Nelly, great companion of our learning journey!”

#clevernelly #happy8birthday

Barbara La Franca Technical Training Partner at Southern Water

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Spaced learning, repetition and self-testing are the most effective learning and knowledge retention methods known to man, and the fundamental elements behind our AI.

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