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Discover how Clifton Asset Management strengthened their approach to employee regulatory compliance for Consumer Duty – improving FCA-related competency by 31% across six critical training categories in under three months

Ian Scaife, Group Head of Compliance at Clifton Asset Management, discusses how Clever Nelly has “completely changed” their approach to employee Training & Competence, enabling them to respond quickly to FCA regulatory requirements, strengthen frontline capability and embed Consumer Duty.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Best-in-class employee compliance: how Clifton ramped up speed-to-competency in six critical knowledge categories, resulting in a 31% average improvement.
  • Customer support: how Clifton quickly improve key training areas required under Consumer Duty, including vulnerable customers – resulting in a 36% improvement in employee understanding.
  • Enhanced MI & assurance: how Clifton use Clever Nelly to evidence a quicker, more robust approach to FCA initiatives using best-in-class data and MI – enabling them to demonstrate to the FCA that their employees understand their roles and responsibilities.

Clever Nelly has changed everything, from our induction process through to identifying areas of weakness for additional training, it’s a solution that allows us to respond quickly based on initiatives coming out of the FCA.

Ian Scaife, Group Head of Compliance at Clifton Asset Management

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