Cnect Wales and Elephants Don’t Forget announce their partnership transforming contact centre and agent performance

Elephants Don’t Forget and Cnect Wales have come together with a strategic vision to transform agent competence and performance within contact centres.

Ten-years old in 2023, Clever Nelly of Elephants Don’t Forget is an Artificial Intelligence solution that consolidates employee learning, with typical outcomes ranging from improvements in AHT, CSAT and FCR to displacing annual refresher training and reducing employee attrition.

This partnership will give members of Cnect Wales further opportunity to make an impactful change to culture and performance.

Sandra Busby – Managing Director at Cnect Wales, commented:

“There’s nothing quite like Elephants Don’t Forget in the market. So as a membership organisation that’s all about connecting networks, expertise, customers and talent, Cnect Wales are really excited about this partnership and what Clever Nelly can add to what our members are doing.


What Clever Nelly can do for our members is reinforce that workplace training, and not only show their people that they’re investing in them but offer really valuable Return on Investment.


All contact centres and, in fact, firms in every industry are looking at ways to more successfully leverage data. A product like Clever Nelly that gives you the true data of where people are in their learning journey, not just a feeling, that will give managers something really substantive.


At the end of the day, we want great people in our centres because we need customers to feel confident that they’re getting a great service. To do that, you have to support your people and the best way to do that is through continual development.


Whether you’re in a contact centre environment or any other environment, it’s all about people and customers. The interesting thing for me is that recently, perhaps for the first time ever, companies are starting to spend as much money on people engagement as they are on customer engagement. The emphasis has always been the customer, but my belief is that by getting the people part right, they will then look after the customers for you.


Clever Nelly is unique, it solves that challenge of how to instil confidence and competency no matter if your people are in an office or working from home. There’s so much contact centres can expect to achieve with it.”

Adrian Harvey – CEO at Elephants Don’t Forget, commented:

“We are excited at what this partnership with Cnect Wales means for us and our customers. It’s our shared vision to support contact centres as they combat challenges such as high employee attrition rates, complaint volumes, operational inefficiencies and KPI performance.


Through our dedicated support and implementation services, we are firmly committed to empowering contact centre leaders with employee-centric AI. This empowerment unlocks the full potential of agents through data, enabling evidence-based decisions for agent productivity and performance.


Recognising the challenge that even diligent employers face, we understand that agents often forget a substantial portion of their training upon joining a company or embarking on a specific campaign. Many employers struggle to bridge these knowledge gaps, often relying on agent tenure, peer-to-peer learning, and generic refresher training. These approaches hinder swift competency development, leading to suboptimal agent performance, decreased ESAT (Employee Satisfaction), and heightened attrition risk.


Our AI – Clever Nelly – financially guarantees that agents learn and retain the information essential to their role, optimising in-role competence and business productivity.”


For contact centres

Customer service teams utilising Clever Nelly see improvements in targeted business-critical metrics including:


CSAT improvement


First Contact Resolution improvement


Average Handling Time reduction


Speed-to-competency improvement


Reduction in agent errors


Reduction in reportable complaints

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