CCNNI and Elephants Don’t Forget announce their partnership transforming contact centre and agent performance

With a shared commitment in helping contact centres realise their full potential, Elephants Don’t Forget and CCNNI are proud to announce their official partnership.

This collaboration sees Elephants Don’t Forget and our Artificial Intelligence solution – Clever Nelly – team up with the innovative thought leaders at Contact Centre Network Northern Ireland.

CCNNI connect the industry with the best developments and specialists, with their relationship with Elephants Don’t Forget providing their members with the opportunity to transform agent and business performance.

Jayne Davies – Director at CCNNI, commented:

“CCNNI is delighted to be partnering with Elephants Don’t Forget. Some of our existing members have already seen great results in working with Clever Nelly’s intuitive programme to increase competence and engagement and we are really looking forward to seeing what new successes and improvements can be shared across the Northern Ireland customer contact industry.”

Adrian Harvey – CEO at Elephants Don’t Forget, commented:

“This is a really exciting partnership for Elephants Don’t Forget. We’ve long held CCNNI in high esteem for the work they do, providing contact centres with impactful solutions that enhance bottom-line results, and the outcomes we’ve already helped their members to achieve speak for themselves.


Echo Managed Services and Danske Bank are valued network members and Clever Nelly advocates. It was an absolute privilege to share a panel with them earlier this year, where CCNNI’s webinar participants had the opportunity to benefit from their insights on aligning EX and CX.


It’s critical for contact centre leaders to reflect on their training methodologies and really question whether those methods are reinforcing learning and translating into frontline competence; for the majority, there’s no chance of that happening without serious change.


In the cases of Echo and Danske Bank, they’re doing everything right. Clever Nelly forms a critical part of their culture, and it shows in the return on investment they’re seeing.”

Danielle Sheppard, Service improvement Manager at Echo:

“Clever Nelly’s greatest quantifiable impact has been increasing knowledge and the subsequent effects as a result.

The NPS scores for the client and contact centre are increasing, fewer complaints are being sent back, we’re definitely noticing significant changes. Nelly is helping our people to remember their training, so they are doing everything in the right way. That’s huge for us, as it means there are fewer issues to address.

Another benefit has been agent empowerment. You can hear that they’re more confident on calls in what they are saying, rather than putting someone on hold or getting a colleague to call them back.”


Angela Rowan, Training and Coaching Manager at Danske Bank:

“We’re measured monthly for customer satisfaction, as pitched against other similar local banks, coming first at the end of last year across that peer group. The nature of our world is that we’ll see fluctuations but it’s our goal to be the best.

I have no doubt that Clever Nelly has played a role in how we’re performing. Our people on the ground are telling us that as well.

In the past we delivered computer-based training about current account products, for instance, once a year. You learn it to pass and, if asked the same question in a month, you can’t remember the answer. Whereas Nelly is the complete opposite of that, plus our colleagues love it!”

Ten-years old in 2023, we are the only firm who financially guarantee the performance of our technology to reduce risk, improve compliance and optimise business outcomes. Typical outcomes for contact centres include improvements for employee attrition rates, complaint volumes, Average Handling Time, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and First Call Resolution.

Our low-cost technology has a customer-scored implementation rating of 9.1 out of 10. We’re onboarding at the rate of one new firm every week – this will be two every week by 2024 – and not one firm has scored us lower than nine since launching, giving us a perfect NPS score of 100.

Clever Nelly personalises learning journeys for individual agents in under two minutes per day. It’s preferred by employees and endorsed by managers, with an entire herd of loyal customers who advocate on our behalf.


For contact centres

Customer service teams utilising Clever Nelly see improvements in targeted business-critical metrics including:


CSAT improvement


First Contact Resolution improvement


Average Handling Time reduction


Speed-to-competency improvement


Reduction in agent errors


Reduction in reportable complaints

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