Contact centres: how can Clever Nelly help to reduce your complaints?

Ben Scales, Head of Sales at Elephants Don’t Forget, explains how we work with our customers to understand the common reasons things go wrong and how Clever Nelly is used to target the root causations and drivers of complaints.


LV= improved employee competency by 30% in three key training categories, with employee competency increasing by 42% for customer vulnerability.

Complaint reduction

LV= improved service levels, with Clever Nelly contributing to a 62.5% reduction in complaints.

Call wait times

LV= reduced average call wait times from ten minutes to 1.5 minutes in specific lines of business.

Typical use applications of Clever Nelly include:

Products, services, procedures & policies

Clever Nelly ensures your agents learn, retain and have an evidenced-based understanding of your products and services, as well as your latest policies and procedures, enabling them to answer or escalate customer queries accurately and efficiently.

Complaint handling skills

Clever Nelly ensures your organisation can embed competence and replicate high-performance behaviours across your teams, supporting your agents to resolve problems effectively first time when required, communicate in a clear and concise manner, better handle difficult customer interactions, ask clarifying questions and explain complex concepts in a way that is easy for customers to understand.

Common customer complaints

Clever Nelly helps organisations to target the root causes and common drivers of complaints. Working with your QA team, Clever Nelly creates a continuous feedback loop to embed the required knowledge of common customer complaints that your agents are likely to encounter, helping them to deal with value-destroying interactions first time round quickly and effectively whilst also mitigating the risk of errors occurring.

Benefits of Clever Nelly include:

Clever Nelly makes training relevant and engaging

Using your existing training material, Clever Nelly entirely personalises the learning journey for each agent, making it uniquely relevant to their job duties and specific knowledge gaps. Operating in the flow of work and using less than two minutes per day, Clever Nelly uses the most effective learning methods (spaced learning, repetition and self testing) to optimise agent performance.

Clever Nelly provides daily evidence of training effectiveness and learning transfer

Through our award-winning continual assessment model, training is no longer a one-time, ‘once-and-done’ event. With zero disruption to BAU – and with minimal input required from senior management – Clever Nelly continually provides ongoing training support for your agents in the demonstrable areas where each individual requires it, when they need it.

Clever Nelly connects agent competence to tangible customer outcomes

With detailed management information available at your fingertips, contact centres leaders can easily quantify the effectiveness of their training by tracking employee performance against KPIs – helping you to quickly identify training needs and improve your coaching interventions. Our customers use our technology to correlate improvements in competence to metrics including: FCR, AHT, wrap time and hold time.

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