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Discover how Echo Managed Services increased agent knowledge by 42% – resulting in improved NPS, repeat contact reductions and a decrease in complaints

By instilling a culture of embedded learning, Clever Nelly is supporting Echo Managed Services to minimise the amount of time their contact centre agents spend away from their roles – contributing to improved service levels and outcomes for the business and its customers.

Learning outcomes include:

  • How Echo Managed Services improved employee competency by 20% in the flow of work – with no disruption to BAU activities.
  • How Clever Nelly supported the business to win the ‘Best People Development’ and ‘Outsourced Contact Centre of the Year’ awards at the Contact Centre Network Northern Ireland (CCNNI) Awards.
  • How agent knowledge improvement is translating into complaint and repeat contact reduction.
  • How they are using Clever Nelly to maintain an NPS rating well above their internal target of 35.

The NPS scores for the client and contact centre are increasing, fewer complaints are being sent back, we’re definitely noticing significant changes. Nelly is helping our people to remember their training, so they are doing everything in the right way. That’s huge for us, as it means there are fewer issues to address. Another benefit has been agent empowerment. You can hear that they’re more confident on calls in what they are saying, rather than putting someone on hold or getting a colleague to call them back.

Danielle Sheppard, Service improvement Manager at Echo Managed Services

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