Scott Rodgers, Senior Operations Manager at KPMG, discusses how Clever Nelly has improved employee engagement, strengthened culture, and improved quality outputs for their customers.

Has Clever Nelly had the impact you expected?

Nelly has had a greater impact than I expected. I wasn’t aware that we could make such a difference in relation to the capability and engagement levels that we’ve experienced.

How important is culture and employee competency at KPMG?

Culture and employee competency is really critical to understand the connectivity between what we’re trying to achieve and what Nelly will allow us to achieve through engagement; it’s really critical for me.

[Employee] competency has increased – and culture has improved positively – because people can understand – and make the link between what they’re doing in developing themselves – along with demonstrable results in relation to quality outputs for customers.

What value are you receiving from Clever Nelly’s Management Information?

Nelly has given us a completely different view of [Management] Information to help us manage our function, team and individuals much more effectively. From a granular level all the way up to a macro level. So, in my world, that’s all the way up from an individual to a senior partner.

Would you recommend Clever Nelly to your industry peers?

One hundred per cent; and it’s something that I have done several times.

Scott Rodgers, Senior Operations Manager at KPMG UK

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