The silver bullet to improved employee knowledge & competency – Guaranteed.

Spaced learning, repetition and self-testing are the most effective learning and knowledge retention methods known to man, and the fundamental elements behind our AI.

Our award-winning AI is grounded in science.

The inconvenient fact for employers is that the human brain is inefficient at learning the sorts of content that most employers need their employees to learn – We made it our mission to solve this problem.
“Elephants Don’t Forget answered our challenge. How do we stay compliant whilst demonstrating continuity for our people in how they are supported. The AI is playing a crucial role in driving both these fronts globally across customer facing divisions and our support functions”

Our approach…

The spaced learning, repetition and self-testing approach to our AI has proved invaluable to our customers in ensuring their employees are knowledgeable and competent in “the boring stuff” to ensure that they are operating at the highest level of efficiency and within the law, such as: compliance rules, company policies, processes and product knowledge.

The science…

Download our paper on Professors Dunlosky’s research into the most effective learning strategies and discover how this underpins the operation of our AI.

The Results…

By working with some of the world’s leading brands over the last decade and analysing over 100 Million employee interactions has enabled us to establish that the average level of employee competency is just 52%. We guarantee to increase this, to on average 89% – helping you to improve every area of your business.

The average level of employee competency is just 52%. We guarantee to increase this, to on average 89%


Day 1


Day 90

Our commitment to you…

After almost a decade of testing, learning, refining and a string of awards – we have absolute proof that our AI works. This enables us to offer every customer a no-quibble, money-back, learning outcome guarantee.

If you want to be certain that your employees learn and retain the valuable and mission-critical training that your firm invests in, you need our AI. 

In all the years that we have offered this guarantee, no customer has ever claimed it… We believe that no other firm in the world that guarantees learning outcomes in this way.

In simple terms…

Assess, Learn, Retain, Improve


Automatically send engaging micro assessments that take less than 1 minute per day to complete.

Delight employees with role-specific and relevant content.

Objectively measure knowledge and competency for every employee.


Gently improve each employee through spaced learning and repetition.

Close knowledge and competency gaps quickly and effectively.

Achieve the required level of role-specific competence – producing improved performance.


Maintain levels of competency for every employee with minimal intervention.

Evidence employee competency to your regulator in a credible, accurate and robust way.

Support your employees by building a culture of continual learning.


Refine and target known areas of value destruction and reduce them.

Refine and target known areas of value creation and improve them.

Analyse the big data the AI delivers to further improve the performance of your employees and business.

Conscious Learning
Apply Competency
Build Confidence
High Performance
In simple terms... Assess, Learn, Retain, Improve

The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work

Our AI treats every one of your employees as an individual, understands what they know and don’t know and then focuses on that individual’s knowledge and competency gaps – repairing them automatically.

This means that the experience is completely personalised and repetition minimised to what is actually required to improve each and every employee.

Increase engagement
Highly Adopted
Increased Knowledge
Improve ESAT

No Disruption to Business As Usual…

On average our AI delivers 3.4 questions per employee per day, via email or app and this uses on average just 1 minute 47 seconds of an employee’s working day.

Even the busiest contact centre agent, the most time poor salesperson and the over-active manager can find time to engage and improve from anywhere in the world!

No Disruption to Business As Usual
Increase productivity
Working from home
Save Time
Improve performance
Build confidence
Reduce errors

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