The act of “training” doesn’t currently positively impact the performance of the business. This is not because training per se doesn’t work, it is rather because “training” is actually only part of the solution, with the essential other components needed being omitted by employers, typically: knowledge retention and competency development.

By omitting these essential components, it effectively guarantees that training interventions will fail to achieve the desired performance improvement objectives and further damage L&D’s reputation.

At Elephants Don’t Forget, we are on a mission to create a generation of “L&D Heroes” and get L&D properly represented at the C-Suite as a valuable business asset alongside IT and Finance. For this to happen, L&D absolutely must connect training interventions with bottom-line performance improvement – in this paper, we look at how it is being done in some of the world’s leading brands.

Evidence L&D impact

Maximise training ROI

Improve bottom-line performance

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