Rachel McGann, Training Specialist at LV=, discusses how Clever Nelly has exceeded their expectations to support employee retention, reduce complaints and minimise rework.

“Nelly has had more of an impact than we expected. We’ve had Nelly now for a year and a half and we’ve seen some real changes in things like employee retention, a reduction in customer complaints, and a reduction in the amount of rework that’s been needed as well. So there has been improvements across the board.

Culture is really key working at LV=. We are very focused on our values, and this has been even more of a focus with Consumer Duty. Nelly really helps to embed that and makes sure that learning is a key part of everything we do.

One of the things we have really wanted to focus on this year is getting the maximum value out of the Management Information that is available [in Clever Nelly]. Mentioning Consumer Duty again, one of things we have to be able to demonstrate is that we are able to prove to the FCA that, not only are we doing the best we possibly can for our customers, but if we have identified something that is a learning need for the people that work for us, we actually have something in place that can help us with that.

This is one of things that Nelly does; I can identify where the weaknesses are and we can use that to identify training needs.

[The implementation of Clever Nelly] was incredibly straightforward. It’s been a seamless journey. I would recommend Clever Nelly to everybody without hesitation.

I think it is so important, especially when you are working in financial services; it’s a heavily regulated industry and it is really key that you know where your people are: where knowledge gaps might be, where training needs might be.

Nelly is just an amazing way of keeping that knowledge retention going and to be able to interrogate that data and to know exactly what is happening with your people.”

Rachel McGann, Training Specialist at LV=

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