The LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2023 shows that aligning learning programs to business goals is the priority focus for L&D In 2023. However, the report found that evidenced-based practice remains stagnant; with the top five measures of L&D success still being based on ‘vanity’ metrics, rather than business performance metrics.[1]

The report – which surveyed 1,579 L&D and HR professionals worldwide – also found that upskilling employees, creating a culture of learning, and improving employee retention are seen as essential priorities for 2023.

With challenges such as global disruption, skills shortages, and economic uncertainty to tackle, most organisations (83%) cited that they are looking for ways to enhance and develop people-centric cultures to build resilience for the future.

Linda Jingfang Cai, Global Head of Learning and Talent at LinkedIn, stated that:

“Forward-thinking organisations need to create environments that embrace and unlock the potential of the whole employee.”

Linda Jingfang Cai, Global Head of Learning and Talent at LinkedIn

89% of L&D professionals agree that proactively building employee skills will help navigate the evolving future of work. Most executives agree that people strategy is now central for success, with 82% of global leaders stating that the HR and L&D functions are now more critical than ever before.

From the perspective of employees, the top motivators to learn are cited as:

  • Progress toward career goals
  • Staying up to date in their fields
  • Getting back more time
  • Personalised learning for their interests and career goals

The report also confirmed that 93% of organisations are concerned about employee retention. To overcome this challenge, providing learning opportunities is now cited as the primary way organisations will look to improve retention.

In terms of strategy for 2023, most L&D professionals agree that they are looking to become more cross-functional by prioritising L&D programs that result in people-centric impact.

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