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FCA crackdown highlights urgent need to address MLRO turnover and talent shortages

A recent report published by Financial News London finds that the FCA is concerned about high turnover among MLROs.

AI in the workplace: CIPD roundtable explores benefits, implications and challenges

The CIPD recently hosted a roundtable on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at work, examining how AI is redefining the employment landscape, relations and future skills.

AI-powered contact centres: why the human element is more important than ever

Contact centres are improving agent experience with a humanised approach to learning and development, enabling future-oriented leaders to ensure their agents stay ahead of the competency curve.

UK SMEs lag in AI adoption, raising concerns for future growth

A new study has revealed that UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are lagging behind in the global race for AI adoption, raising concerns about their ability to compete in an increasingly AI-driven economy.

Practical solutions to support wealth management & stockbroking firms to meet FCA expectations

If you have read the latest FCA’s Dear CEO letter issued to wealth managers and stockbrokers, you will have – no doubt – noticed a distinct shift in the regulator’s tone and approach. Financial crime and Consumer Duty top the regulatory agenda – with the FCA also calling for more robust focus and approaches on several areas including: CASS, diversity and inclusion, and operational resilience.

Empowering contact centre agents through knowledge retention

Danielle Sheppard, Service Improvement Manager at Echo Managed Services, talks about how they’ve enhanced their contact centre training programme using Clever Nelly.

Five firms explain the benefits of AI-powered continual assessment

From embedding and evidencing best-in-class compliance with Consumer Duty to making oversight of AML training easier for MLROs – learn more about the benefits of Clever Nelly.

The state of UK customer satisfaction: what every customer service leader needs to know

This research report compiles need-to-know insights from leading consumer bodies and UK regulators outlining the key service improvements organisations need to make in 2024. Download to discover the trends, challenges, and strategies for success that customer service leaders need to know now to get ahead.

No room for complacency or apathy towards Consumer Duty right now

The FCA has made it very clear that Consumer Duty is now an integral part of their approach and mindset at every stage of the regulatory lifecycle – including authorisations, policy development, supervision, and enforcement. Firms can – and should – expect it to be a golden thread that runs through all conversations with them, so there is very little room for complacency or apathy to Consumer Duty at this stage.

FCA state that the work to embed Consumer Duty has only just begun

“If you think it’s all over, you’ll need to think again." That’s the key message issued from Nisha Arora, Director of Cross Cutting Policy and Strategy at the FCA.

Outcomes Monitoring in a Consumer Duty World

In this 60-minute on-demand webinar, we are joined by Square 4 to look at practical actions for outcomes monitoring under Consumer Duty.

AI for First Contact Resolution (FCR) improvement

Using AI-powered continual assessment to correlate improvements in employee knowledge and competence with specific customer service KPIs.

Fidelity International Impact Guide

With the FCA placing increased emphasis on how firms are evidencing the effectiveness of their financial crime training programmes, John Clarke, MLRO at Fidelity International, discusses why they are using employee-centric AI to embed regulatory learning at scale and demonstrate sustained employee competency to the highest regulatory standard.

What every firm needs to know: how to embed Consumer Duty into BAU

In this 60-minute on-demand webinar, we are joined by Protiviti to discuss how financial services firms can transition Consumer Duty into BAU.

Vanquis Banking Group celebrate Clever Nelly launch

Leading specialist bank – Vanquis Banking Group plc – celebrate the launch of Clever Nelly.

Firms urged to take action on financial crime compliance or face a visit from the FCA

The FCA warns firms that they need take tougher action on proactively tackling financial crime or risk receiving a surprise visit from the City watchdog.

Consumer Duty: there may be trouble ahead

Near-record low levels of customer satisfaction indicates trouble ahead for FinServ firms affected by Consumer Duty, as the FCA's Financial Lives Survey also reinforces fundamental service failures across the sector.

Cnect Wales partner with Elephants Don’t Forget

Cnect Wales and Elephants Don’t Forget announce their partnership transforming contact centre and agent performance.

Contact Centre Network Northern Ireland partner with Elephants Don’t Forget

With a shared commitment in helping contact centres realise their full potential, Elephants Don’t Forget and Contact Centre Network Northern Ireland (CCNNI) are proud to announce their official partnership.

Consumer Duty Champion: how to lead from the front

In this 60-minute on-demand webinar, we are joined by Bovill to examine how Consumer Duty Champions are overcoming common challenges to ensure ‘Day Two’ activities are executed.

Volvo Car Financial Services UK Impact Guide

Discover how Volvo Car Financial Services UK (VCFSUK) established an FLA approved training programme for SAF Expert equivalent compliance, surpassing industry requirements by 20%.

Clifton Impact Guide

Discover how Clifton Asset Management strengthened their approach to employee regulatory compliance for Consumer Duty – improving FCA-related competency by 31% across six critical training categories in under three months.

Moneybarn Impact Guide

Discover how Moneybarn improved customer outcomes by 9% – generating a 300% return on their Clever Nelly investment in under six months.

Microsoft Impact Guide

Discover how Microsoft improved employee in-role performance – resulting in KPI improvements in areas including First Contact Resolution (FCR), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Average Handling Time (AHT).

LV= Impact Guide

Discover how LV= are growing customer value, improving service levels and reducing complaints.

Echo Managed Services Impact Guide

Discover how Echo Managed Services increased agent knowledge by 42% – resulting in improved NPS, repeat contact reductions and a decrease in complaints.

Danske Bank Impact Guide

Discover how Danske Bank are fulfilling their strategic vision for market-leading customer satisfaction – empowering their colleagues through continual assessment to improve customer experience and outcomes.

Age Partnership Impact Guide

Discover how Age Partnership improved frontline advisor speed-to-competency by 30% - improving customer advice and reducing exposure to regulatory risk.

Learning and Development: working smarter, not harder

In part two of our six-part series, we look at the findings from the CIPD’s Learning at work 2023 survey and examine what resources, priorities and challenges are shaping workplace learning.

L&D Heroes: a Blueprint for Success

Are you looking to connect your training interventions with bottom-line performance? This paper looks at how Clever Nelly is supporting Learning & Development practitioners in some of the world’s leading brands to do it.

Contact Centre Complexity

We explore the detrimental impact that Covid-19 and the digital journey has had on customer service levels and contact centre learning programmes.

How Clever Nelly enhanced the view of Management Information available at KPMG

Scott Rodgers, Senior Operations Manager at KPMG, discusses how Clever Nelly has improved employee engagement, strengthened culture, and improved quality outputs for their customers.

CIPD survey highlights that ‘evidencing value’ is critical

In the first part of our six-part series, we look at the findings from the CIPD’s Learning at work 2023 survey and examine how we are supporting L&D to increase and evidence their value.

Financial Crime Compliance: the costs of doing business

Increasing regulation is cited as the greatest external cost of Financial Crime Compliance (FCC), with reports indicating that costs are expected to rise further within the next three years.

Consumer Duty: compliance, culture and BAU – next steps

With the first implementation deadline passed, the focus for many firms is around closing existing gaps, transitioning Consumer Duty into business as usual (BAU) and evidencing cultural progression in line with the regulator’s expectations.

HR and the use of generative AI tools in the workplace: the risks are rising

HR executives are becoming increasingly concerned about the use of generative AI tools within the workplace. We look at three training measures to protect your organisation from exposure to risk.

Embedding the Consumer Duty to empower the frontline

Ian Scaife, Group Head of Compliance at Clifton Asset Management, discusses how Clever Nelly has “completely changed” their approach to employee Training & Competence, enabling them to respond quickly to FCA regulatory requirements, strengthen frontline capability and embed Consumer Duty.

Consumer Duty ‘Day Two’: assessing the operating landscape

As Consumer Duty bites, financial services firms are faced with the prospect of delivering against increasing customer-centric regulatory requirements during one of the most challenging operating landscapes in recent history.

Consumer Duty: from confusion to quick wins

If you are looking for an affordable quick win that underpins many of the trickier aspects of Consumer Duty compliance, read this paper.

Compliance Fatigue: how to prevent it from derailing your Consumer Duty journey

As the burden of compliance increases with Consumer Duty, this paper considers the key challenges, the best responses, and how Artificial Intelligence makes it all so much easier.

Urgent investment in human capital is needed according to World Economic Forum

The WEF estimate that 1.1 billion jobs are liable to be radically transformed by technology in the next decade, with the Future of Jobs Report 2023 indicating that 23% of work tasks will be automated by 2027.

CIPD says that L&D need greater organisational buy-in to deliver impact

Research from their Learning at work 2023 survey highlights that learning professionals feel they are ‘lacking the capacity to do this’ and that more ‘data and insights on the design of learning' is required.

FCA outline 14-point action plan on cash savings

The 14-point action plan was released by the regulator on the same day as a press release aimed at educating consumers on the tangible benefits that they can now expect under Consumer Duty.

Learning from the FCA: approaches to people, risk and outcomes

In their Annual Report and Accounts 2022/23 release, the FCA discuss their Risk Management Framework. In the context of assessing people risk, the report offers some invaluable insight to the continual ‘test and learn’ approach the regulator takes.

LV= and Clever Nelly

Rachel McGann, Training Specialist at LV=, discusses how Clever Nelly has exceeded their expectations to support employee retention, reduce complaints and minimise rework.

Customer satisfaction collapsing at fastest pace on record

The latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) reports that customer satisfaction is collapsing at the fastest pace on record, hitting the lowest level in eight years – with stubborn inflation and staff shortages triggering the sharpest year-on-year drop since 2008.

Call centre waiting times leaving customers hanging

A recent study commissioned by Microsoft has revealed that UK customers are waiting upwards of 85 minutes to speak to a representative at some of the country’s largest providers of consumer goods and services.

Learning opportunities down by a quarter for remote employees

A recent study by WFH Research has found that office-based workers spend around 15 additional minutes each week undertaking professional development and learning activities than their remote-based colleagues.

Work Shock and the entry-level avalanche

A worrying trend has emerged: recruits – typically generation y & z – are leaving their employers in droves; often within the first 100 days of employment. The brands (employers) in question are some of the biggest and best in their sectors. Why then are newly recruited employees leaving?

What gaps still exist in your approach to Consumer Duty?

Recent findings from an FCA-commissioned Ipsos UK survey show that 64% of firms believe they will be fully compliant with Consumer Duty by the 31 July 2023 deadline.

Hastings Direct and Clever Nelly

Colleague Development Leader at Hastings Direct Insurance, Ben Couldwell, tells us about the impact Clever Nelly has had at Hastings Direct. Watch our testimonial video to find out how they are continuing to build on colleague development month-on-month, with incredible results from the first seven months in competency improvements and related KPIs.

Clifton Asset Management and Clever Nelly

Group Head of Compliance at Clifton Asset Management, Ian Scaife, opens up at our recent customer event about challenges within the sector. Watch our Clever Nelly testimonial to learn how our award-winning AI is supporting Clifton to embed regulatory learning and meet their compliance objectives.

Consumer Duty checklist: what the FCA are looking for in your approach

In this free 60-minute, on-demand webinar, we are joined by Graham Levi-Samper – Director Client Services at Complyport – to unpack the FCA’s latest announcements and evaluate the key takeaways you and your firm need to act upon to ensure immediate and ongoing compliance.

FCA outline their approach to Artificial Intelligence

Acknowledging the polarising view of Artificial Technology, Nikhil Rathi, Chief Executive at the FCA, considered how it could either ‘displace today’s jobs or enable an explosion in future productivity’.

Curtis Banks joins Elephants Don’t Forget

Curtis Banks celebrate the launch of Clever Nelly to embed training and knowledge for their staff.

Employee engagement on the rise but employees are still quiet quitting

A new report has found that – although employee engagement is rising – the majority of the world’s workers are still quiet quitting, with six in 10 falling into the category.

Consumer Duty: common sense for contact centres

In this article, we assess how some firms are approaching their people strategy within the contact centre environment for Consumer Duty and evaluate potential pitfalls.

Consumer Duty: answering the FCA’s 10 key questions

With Consumer Duty coming into force at the end of July 2023, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has called on firms to ensure they are on track to meet the implementation deadline.

Employee engagement is key to financial performance

New research shows that employee engagement now matters more than ever to bottom line performance.

How L&D use AI to deliver value to the bottom line

Studies shows that investing in employees’ L&D significantly improves their performance and contributions to the business bottom line. The challenge is: Does the training intervention result in an improvement that affects the bottom line, and is this improvement measurable to a standard that any reasonable chief financial officer and/or other stakeholders would accept?

Mapping learning to business goals is No.1 priority for L&D in 2023

Mapping learning to business goals is No.1 priority for L&D in 2023, yet evidence-based practice remains stagnant.

Clever Nelly impact at Moneybarn

How Moneybarn improved customer outcomes by 9% in less than six months.

Clever Nelly impact at Nucleus

How Nucleus are investing in their frontline advisors to enhance technical expertise and drive positive customer outcomes.

Celebrating L&D innovation in financial services

Volvo Car Financial Services UK (VCFSUK) and specialist vehicle finance firm, Moneybarn, have won two prestigious accolades at the Credit Strategy’s Car Finance Awards 2023.

Consumer Duty: culture, people and data

Will all firms correctly interpret the FCA’s requirement to position culture and people as the foundation for success under Consumer Duty?

FCA reiterates that culture underpins outcomes

Emily Sheppard, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of Authorisations at the FCA, has reiterated the need for firms to focus on culture to meet evolving regulatory expectations under Consumer Duty.

Consumer Duty: culture, people and data

Authentic compliance with Consumer Duty will continually need to evolve with changing customer needs and regulatory expectations. As a result, firms will need to have a dynamic approach to compliance for which embedding the expectations of Consumer Duty into the firm’s culture and people will be paramount.

Consumer Duty: measure it, manage it, evidence it!

In this free 60-minute demonstration, Elephants Don’t Forget showcase how your firm can follow what leading organisations in banking and insurance are doing to measure, monitor and improve the capability of their people to consistently deliver good outcomes for customers and develop an authentic culture of compliance.

Interpreting Consumer Duty: meeting the ‘cultural-change’ expectations of the regulator

The regulator is expecting its flagship piece of legislation to drive cultural change through the sector. However, from recent polls conducted during our popular Consumer Duty webinar series, it is apparent that some firms may not have interpreted the legislation in this way and now find themselves at a cultural crossroads.

Consumer Duty: culture crossroads

How confident are you that your people actually have the knowledge and competency required under Consumer Duty?

How to successfully approach Training & Competency (T&C) under Consumer Duty

In this free 60-minute, on-demand webinar, we are joined by Lynne Hargreaves – Director at ClearStep Consulting – to walk you through the critical considerations, changes and revisions you need to make to your T&C schemes to ensure your firm – and your people – are Consumer Duty ready.

Consumer Duty: first-line reality

Quantitative vs qualitative approaches to assessing and evidencing first-line competence against a principles-based regulation.

Consumer Duty Hub

Access a range of helpful Consumer Duty resources and learn more about the benefits of AI-powered continual assessment.

Consumer Duty: developing actionable MI

Critical considerations around developing actionable Management Information that meets the regulator’s expectations for Consumer Duty.

Time for L&D to stand up and be counted

Counting or measuring the return on investment (ROI) from training interventions has historically been a dark art and, judging by the current situations faced by many L&D practitioners, it hasn’t been very successful. This must change.

Learning Technologies 2023

Elephants Don’t Forget are delighted to be attending Learning Technologies 2023! Europe’s leading showcase of organisational learning and the technology used to support learning at work.

Consumer Duty: why good outcomes depend on your first-line

In this free 60-minute, on-demand webinar, we are joined by Frank Brown – Director of GRR Consulting – to examine why firms must prioritise first-line employee competence to achieve full compliance with Consumer Duty.

Culture clash – Consumer Duty: is it only skin deep?

Published in T-C News, Adrian Harvey discusses the importance of winning the hearts and minds of employees through T&C to bring Consumer Duty to life.

Targeting macro issues and improving efficiencies: closing the contact centre performance gap

Employers desire competent agents. Knowledge, per se, isn’t necessarily indicative of in-role competence and most employer training programs are knowledge heavy. Translating knowledge (theory) to competence, therefore, adds considerable value to the employer.

How to approach Management Information (MI) for Consumer Duty

In this free 60-minute, on-demand webinar, we are joined by BDO to discuss how firms can develop actionable Management Information that meets the regulator’s expectations.

Elephants Don’t Forget & Inoria: partners in contact centre excellence

Elephants Don’t Forget is delighted to announce its official partnership with Inoria, a North American contact centre solution partner of choice, passionately supporting organisations as they navigate their digital transformation journey through customised optimisation, implementation and integration services.

Embedding Consumer Duty

Discover how we are supporting firms to improve, evidence and deliver genuinely competent employees who are capable of providing consistently good customer outcomes in line with regulatory requirements.

When training has a negative impact on cultural progression

Featured in the HR Director, Adrian Harvey discusses the disconnect between employee training regimes and cultural progression programmes within financial services.

Why Clever Nelly works

This objective review, authored by Professor Patricia Riddell – Head of Department of Psychology & Professor of Applied Neuroscience, University of Reading – examines why spaced learning, self-testing and repetition are highly-effective methods for learning in the workplace.

Consumer Duty: training vs culture

Is your approach to staff training having a negative impact on your cultural progression and increasing your risk?

Consumer Duty: litmus test

What have you changed to ensure employees genuinely understand the role they play in delivering fair outcomes?

Practical improvements to customer support outcomes

Featured in, Adrian Harvey looks at how firms can make practical improvements to customer support outcomes with regards to Consumer Duty requirements.

Compliance Under Fire: strengthening your approach to financial crime compliance

In this free 60-minute, on-demand webinar, we are joined by Bovill to discuss how firms can strengthen their AML culture, learn lessons from recent enforcement actions and become more proactive in identifying financial crime risks.

FCA enforcement puts ‘inadequacy of staff training’ under the microscope

Featured in The Fintech Times, we analyse why some firms will have to start re-evaluating their compliance programmes following FCA enforcement.

Is your business recession-fit?

Looking for a neat, low-cost, employee centric-way to sustainably boost employee in-role productivity to get more from less?

Second to bottom in G7- why is UK productivity in trouble?

Featured in the HR Director, Adrian Harvey looks at the correlation between UK plc’s woeful productivity levels and poor workplace training.

Consumer Duty: permeating culture and operations

Three practical use cases examining how financial services firms use employee-centric AI to improve organisational culture, operations, KPIs and customer outcomes.

Nostradamus: requirement or desire to change?

Featured in T-C News, Adrian Harvey discusses if principle-based regulation is enough of a catalyst to drive change.

Mind the ‘agent knowledge’ gap

Deploying AI to repair competency gaps for individual agents, reduce errors and optimise operational efficiency in contact centres.

What’s missing from your approach to vulnerable customers in 2023?

In this free 60-minute, on-demand webinar, we are joined by Bovill and VCX to examine the key issues and challenges firms must overcome to meet the Duty’s requirement to prevent foreseeable harm to vulnerable customers.

The use of AI in the Three Lines of Defence Risk Management Model

How Artificial Intelligence can transform the visibility of critical risk management data.

Financial Crime Competence

The First Line of Defence and the critical role of employee competence within the force multiplier effect.

Contact centres: how can Clever Nelly help to reduce your complaints?

Hear how we work with our customers to understand and target root causations and drivers of complaints in contact centres using Clever Nelly.

Consumer Duty – it’s closer than you think

Critical considerations firms need to make when designing, pricing and selling products to retail customers.

Catalyst for change

Featured in T-C News, Adrian Harvey discusses why the default ‘tick-box’ approach to training isn’t fit for purpose.

Tick-box compliance – is your approach damaging your culture?

In this free 60-minute, on-demand webinar, we examine how AI-powered assessment enables firms to meet the FCA’s four ‘Drivers of Culture’, provide the culture metrics & MI that boards need and deliver the outcomes customers now expect.

Employee vulnerability in financial Services

Using AI to evidence that staff have the skills and capability to recognise and respond to the needs of customers in vulnerable circumstances.

Brain Glue: the best and worst strategies for making your training stick!

The top ten employee training strategies ranked from best to worst - and why they do or don’t work.

Authentic Compliance

Why Consumer Duty is forcing firms to abandon the traditional approach to T&C and embrace AI-driven continual assessment.

First Contact Resolution: five steps to agent optimisation using Artificial Intelligence

Deploying AI to reduce operational inefficiencies, drive down repeat errors and quantify the drivers of poor FCR performance.

Reducing human errors

Deploying A to develop an effective and proactive error reduction strategy.

T-C News: Measuring employee competence

How well does your business measure employee competence and why should you really care about it?

HR News: Employee training and operational risk in a hybrid working world

Hybrid and remote working raises important questions regarding operational resilience, productivity and people-based risk. We take a look at ways to combat the detrimental impacts.

The AI Journal: Artificial Intelligence & the art of behavioural learning science

The cost of employees not retaining their training remains a major problem for UK businesses, but the good news is that employee-centric Artificial Intelligence provides a guaranteed way to stop it.

HR Director: Train Spotting

Why the pressure is truly on for organisations to upskill, reskill and multi-skill their employees to keep pace with the changing operational landscape.

T-C News: It’s wrong but what can you do?

Could it be that financial firms are finally calling time on the traditional tick-box compliance model?

The AI Journal: The New Consumer Duty & why your first line of defence is critical

How can firms ensure each member of their business understands the New Consumer Duty and how it relates to their day-to-day job?

Duty Calls: Complying with higher standards of consumer protection – session review

In this webinar session review, our panel examine the FCA’s new Consumer Duty and consider what it means in practice for firms, the impact for Senior Managers, the changes to Training & Competency, and how it will be enforced.

The secret to effective Learning & Development (L&D)

So, what can L&D do to ensure all their great learning content is continually learned and retained by their employees? The short answer: Artificial Intelligence. Discover how Microsoft use our AI to continually support, assess and quantify the desired outcomes on their L&D initiatives.

HR News: Is your workplace culture improving or impeding employee capability?

It is not just the FCA who cares about the culture within your organisation. Increasingly, it’s the individual employees who are taking stock of where companies are excelling and failing to meet expectations.

Fintech Times: How can AI help To embed an evidential culture of cyber resilience for insurers?

Keeping up with cyber trends is vital for success in any industry, and is specifically prevalent in the insurance sector. Falling behind can lead to large payouts and companies losing money. So how can this be avoided?

HR Director: Measuring the economic impact of Learning & Development in 2022

How can Learning & Development teams ensure they get the greatest economic impact from their employee training in 2022?

T-C News: Authentic Compliance

What is ‘authentic compliance’ and how do firms achieve it? In this article, we assess the problematic issues that stem from inadequate employee Training & Competency (T&C) programs.

Redefining your approach to vulnerable customers in 2022 – session review

In this webinar session review, our panel outline how and what firms can do to both support the rising number of UK adults with low financial resilience and meet the increased expectations of the regulator.

Avoiding Culture and Conduct Fatigue – session review

In this webinar session review, our panel discuss the impact of conduct and culture fatigue within regulated financial firms, and offer guidance on how firms can use RegTech to support an evidence-based approach to maintaining and improving these areas.

The AI Journal: Beating the odds

We examine the commonalties as to why the majority of Artificial Intelligence deployments fail, and look at why our methodology for successful deployment ensures we can guarantee results.

Beating the odds

The reality is that 9/10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) deployments fail, so what do we do differently at EDF to guarantee our AI works every single time?

HR Director: Using AI to plug transient training gaps

With evidence illustrating the detrimental impact that transient training factors are having on productivity and escalating business costs, we look at why focusing on internal capability building means that organisations can look to ‘train’ their way to better productivity rather than ‘buy’ their way to it.

The economic impact of employee skills, transient training, and how organisations can plug the gaps using AI

To fundamentally tackle the internal skills challenge, we look at why organisations need to be mindful of the ‘one and done’ attitude when it comes to training, upskilling or re-skilling their employees.

Improving organisational culture using artificial intelligence (AI)

As the FCA steps up their drive for firms to foster and maintain a genuine culture of compliance – where the fair treatment of customers is default and runs through the firm like veins through a stick of rock – we examine why more and more firms are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for assistance.

How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) help to embed an evidential culture of cyber resilience for insurers?

We examine how AI can support insurers and financial firms to ensure their employees are knowledgeable and competent in critical subject knowledge that relates to compliance, process, policy, and product.

Financial decision makers rate access to skills among top risks in the next 12 months

We review some of the outcomes from Lloyds Bank’s sixth Financial Institutions Sentiment Survey 2021 and consider key implications.

Learning in the flow of work within the Fourth Industrial Revolution

How can Artificial Intelligence and learning in the flow of work help employers to focus on employee capability building to achieve superior business performance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Aviva PLC and Elephants Don’t Forget win coveted Gold Award at 2021 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards in the category of Best Advance in Machine Learning and AI

The cross-market collaboration was awarded the only gold award in the category of Best Advance in Machine Learning and AI within the overall Excellence in Learning category.

HR Director: HR, culture, and the need for EVPs

We examine how default employee training and engagement methodologies can disenfranchise the perception of purposeful culture for employees.

Why Financial Firms Need a Continual Assessment Methodology to Measure Organisational Culture

We examine why it is difficult for financial firms to make cultural improvements if their people-based monitoring provisions are not supported by regular assessments.
Culture Measurement: Help is Here

Culture Measurement: Help is Here – Session Review

How can regulated financial firms measure culture? In this webinar session review, we examine some of the key learning outcomes from our Culture Measurement webinar, and look at why a continual assessment methodology is crucial to generating meaningful positive indicators of culture change.

HR News: A pragmatic approach to employee compliance: shifting from reactive to proactive

If compliance is required to support wider cultural and operational changes without the necessary financial investment to overcome the barrier of change, where do they pragmatically start?

Fintech Times: How Can Employee-Centric AI Support Financial Firms To Meet Their Future Expectations?

Most financial organisations are by now aware of the financial benefits of deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve process efficiency and reduce fraud; but are they aware of the benefits it can have on their employees and governance practices too?

Proud to be an ISO 27001 accredited organisation

Our ISO 27001 accreditation provides your business with a tangible endorsement that we adhere to a recognised worldwide framework of information security standards.

When it comes to Training & Competence (T&C), is the ‘Tone from the Top’ aligned with the ‘Tone from Within’ in your firm?

New research has found that 64% of senior management individuals within the financial services sector feel they would be ‘fairly or completely’ confident in evidencing competency of their employees to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the event of a regulatory audit, but is there a potential problem?

HR Director: What can organisations learn from their Covid-19 competency management?

What can HR & L&D professionals learn from their efforts during the pandemic so far, and what could this mean for a returning workforce?

HR Director: The future of employee capability

Based on four Covid-19 studies, we take a retrospective timeline look at how organisations coped with the enforced changes to maintaining and assessing employee competency, and pose the question: are firms really learning what attaining and assessing true competency means?

Talent show: why improving the competency levels of your employees can increase productivity and employee satisfaction

Are you concerned about employee in-role development and the impact that satisfaction levels are having on your productivity?

Fintech Times: Inadequate Employee Competency Management for Insurers: Why It Is Not Worth The Risk

With insurers and financial enterprises facing increasing compliance and corporate risks due to Covid-19, employee competency management needs to be a primary area of focus.

The HR Director: Effective employee competency management is now more business critical than ever

The average employee competency level of tenured employees stood at just 52% pre-pandemic. Are firms taking employee competency seriously enough?

Culture: what drives it and the role of L&D?

Who believes that subjecting employees to mindless one-size-fits-all, annual, tick-box compliance training is going to achieve anything positive in terms of cultural change? It isn’t.
Culture: the new corporate battlefield

Culture: the new corporate battlefield

Have you recently noticed an increase in job roles with the word “culture” in them? One of my LinkedIn contacts landed a role as Head of People & Culture and it got me thinking: what is driving this increased interest in companies’ “culture”?

T-C News: Does the current market default methodology of employee T&C truly satisfy the changes required by the SM&CR

Whilst the SM&CR has applied to most solo-regulated firms since December 2019 – with many firms asserting that they are taking the necessary steps to embed it – can questions be raised about the default methodology of T&C delivery and whether it truly satisfies the regime change?

Fintech Times: Elephants Don’t Forget: Mind the Knowledge Gap in Training and Competence

Covid-19 has turned the FinServ world upside down and – as a result – governance is almost certainly weaker in many firms than pre-Covid. You would expect firms to be paying closer attention to Training & Competence (T&C) to strengthen compliance. However, it would appear the reality may well be rather different.

Mind the knowledge gap: the FCA issues its guidance on handling vulnerability

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recognises that employee knowledge plays a primary role in the positive or negative resolution for vulnerable consumers, and they are issuing a call-to-arms for firms to take positive action: are you heeding the call?

Podcast: Employees First, Customers Second: Turning your approach to Training & Competency upside down in 2021

In our latest podcast, we look at the role effective Training & Competence plays for financial services firms in 2021, focusing on change management, consumer expectations, and evaluating employee performance.
A person hiding under duvet cover working using a laptop

Spy in your bedroom

Is it right that because employees are WFH, either through choice or through necessity and Government edict, that they are subject to levels of scrutiny greater than when they work in the office?

Fintech Times: SM&CR: The New Reality of Compliance While Working From Home

The FCA makes it clear that as the working environment changes, your firm’s approach to effective T&C delivery should follow suit.

Training Journal: Gauging the sentiment of L&D professionals in response to Covid-19

Whilst L&D professionals continue to play a leading role in supporting thousands of tenured and new recruits to meet the demands of remote working during Covid-19, maintaining and improving competency is a completely different proposition.

Fintech Times: Elephants Don’t Forget on Gamification: Child’s Play or Serious Stuff?

In this article, artificial intelligence providers Elephants Don’t Forget analyse the use of gamification in the workplace, and whether its a win-win situation for every employee

Employer warning: ‘Jigglers’ are out there and it kinda serves you right

I was researching a new Purple Paper on governance standards during Covid-19 when Ryan, our Head of Marketing, sent me a link to a “Port Mouse Jiggler”. Now I must confess I thought the young man may have inadvertently sent me a link to some adult entertainment site!

The HR Director: How will the pandemic experience shape the future of L&D?

Is L&D simply being viewed as a ‘make do and mend’ function right now by some firms, and are the remote digital learning innovations now being offered to employees making a positive difference at all?
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FCA Gets Tough on Slack Governance

It appears that the FCA is getting the message and is righty questioning what additional steps firms are taking to ensure governance standards are at least as robust now in a WFH environment as they were before C19 hit.

Fintech Times: Cyber Security: Why Employee Behaviour Still Poses the Biggest Risk to Your Firm

Is the annual e-learning refresher training – doubtless supplemented with ad hoc simulation training – enough to ensure your employees really are cyber secure?
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Faster Horses

Most of the AI that captures the headlines is designed for process improvement, which means in some way, shape, or form doing the work of a human, just better.

Fintech Times: When it Comes to Training and the Financial Sector – Is Work From Home Actually Working?

Many, perhaps most people, love the idea of a future of working from home (WFH), especially if they have space and facilities. But amid all the euphoria and social media hype, some are asking the question, at what costs to the employer, the customer, and the integrity of the sector?
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Women in Tech Employer Awards 2020

We are delighted to announce what we have been shortlisted for the “Best Employer for Flexible Working” award at the upcoming Women in Tech Awards 2020!

Working From Home Governance – What Governance?

The goal of the FCA is to ensure honest and fair markets for individuals, businesses, and the economy as a whole. The Authority does this by protecting consumers, protecting the financial markets, and promoting competition
Conduct Risk & Commission Payments – Are The Two Fundamentally Incompatible?

Conduct Risk & Commission Payments – Are The Two Fundamentally Incompatible?

I am inevitably interested in how firms in the FinServ sector will satisfy the Regulator that they are operating in the
Global Compliance Enforcement During C-19

Global Compliance Enforcement During C-19

It probably wouldn’t surprise many readers to learn that regulatory enforcement activity has fallen materially during the
Nelly Blog – Thinking Outside The Tick Box

Nelly Blog – Thinking Outside The Tick Box

It may be a brand-new year and a new decade, but the same old problem remains for regulated firms still struggling
Vulnerable Customers: Are You Really Doing Enough?

Vulnerable Customers: Are You Really Doing Enough?

In October’s Nelly webinar, Dr Roger Miles introduced us to the dangers of confirmation bias that often leads individuals
Challenging And Removing The Bias In Your Firm

Challenging And Removing The Bias In Your Firm

In yesterdays’ 50 Shades of Bias webinar, I discussed with Behavioural expert Dr Roger Miles how the behaviour bias of individuals, teams
Training For Competitive Advantage

Training For Competitive Advantage

Those of you who have read other blog postings and articles I have authored will probably know my views on how many firms
Using Technology To Improve Compliance

Using Technology To Improve Compliance

I read an interesting article on FT Advisor recently that socialised the idea that technology could be used to help with regulatory compliance.
SM&CR – Keeping CEO’s Awake At Night

SM&CR – Keeping CEO’s Awake At Night

Taking their cue from the banks regarding employee T&C appears to have backfired on many firms who will be regulated
L&D your biggest challenge is yet to come

L&D your biggest challenge is yet to come

In this podcast Adrian Harvey, CEO of Elephants don't forget, Nick Bate Co-Founder of Blue Eskimo and Melanie Lepine
Civid proves to SM&CR litmus test

Covid proves to SM&CR litmus test

In this podcast, Julie Pardy, Director Worksmart & Adrian Harvey, CEO of Elephants don't forget discuss why firms now
SM&CR, How to get reported, investigated and fined

SM&CR, How to get reported, investigated and fined

After our most popular webinar to date on ‘How to get reported, fined and investigated by the FCA in 2020’, webinar panelists Adrian Harvey
How Covid is transforming complaint handling

How Covid is transforming complaint handling

In this podcast, Adrian Harvey, CEO, Elephants don’t forget and Anthony Eghan, Worksmart discuss together with Caroline
Employee risk, quantification and mitigation

Employee risk, quantification and mitigation

In this podcast, Adrian Harvey, CEO, Elephants don't forget and Grant Kennedy, Director, KRisk discuss how new data-driven
Thinking outside the (tick) box

Thinking outside the (tick) box

In this podcast, Adrian Harvey, CEO of Elephants Don’t Forget, discusses with Professor of Applied Science of Reading University


In this podcast, Adrian Harvey, CEO of elephants don’t forget discusses with Caroline Wells - a Commissioner on Energy UK’s Commission for Customers in Vulnerable Circumstances
50 shades of bias

50 shades of bias

Adrian Harvey, CEO of Elephants don't Forget sat down with Dr. Roger Miles, co-founder of The UK Finance Conduct
SM&CR, Culture and technology

SM&CR, Culture and technology

Adrian Harvey, CEO of Elephants Don't Forget, discusses with former Head of Compliance and co-founder of the UK Finance
Are you ready for a regulatory visit?

Are you ready for a regulatory visit?

Following on from the Webinar, Adrian Harvey, CEO of Elephants don't forget, gains further insight on how regulated firms need to

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