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Discover how Microsoft improved employee in-role performance – resulting in KPI improvements in areas including First Contact Resolution (FCR), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Average Handling Time (AHT)

By focusing Clever Nelly on particular employee competencies that influenced KPI improvements, Microsoft were able to gently and continually improve operational performance from their Xbox and Devices teams. Considering the significant business performance improvements achieved, Microsoft have since deployed our AI across the entire customer service population serving Xbox and Surface customers, equating to thousands of employees.

Learning outcomes include:

  • KPI improvements: discover how Microsoft improved FCR by 9%, reduced AHT by 12.5%, and increased Help Resolved by 9%.
  • Customer Satisfaction: discover how a 19% increase in employee competence supported Microsoft to improve CSAT by 5%.
  • Employee experience & engagement: with over 32,310 employee knowledge interventions conducted, learn how Clever Nelly empowers employees to perform their role optimally – with 9 out 10 users stating they prefer continual assessment when compared to traditional training methods.

We have not identified a single instance where the AI has failed to improve employee knowledge retention and positively impact in-role performance.

Andy Wade, Support Engineering Manager at Microsoft

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