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Discover how Moneybarn improved customer outcomes by 9% – generating a 300% return on their Clever Nelly investment in under six months

Moneybarn’s Strategy and Transformation Director – Dan Thompson – discusses how focusing on the competence of their people has resulted in reductions in average handling time, wrap time, hold time and improvements in customer outcomes – generating them 300% ROI from deploying Clever Nelly in under six months.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Customer outcomes: how improvements in employee competence supported Moneybarn to improve customer outcomes by 9%.
  • Operational efficiencies: how an increase in employee competence resulted in correlated improvements in key customer support metrics, including a 4.5% improvement in Average Handling Time and a 38% reduction in Average Hold time.
  • Employee engagement: how Clever Nelly conducted 15,580 critical employee knowledge interventions in the flow of work – resulting in a 93% average engagement rating.

Having gone through a period of considerable recruitment, we needed to quickly cement knowledge and competence in-role. Nelly was able to help us do that. It’s a solution that helps our colleagues optimise their in-role performance, whilst giving us additional insight in terms of employee compliance and competence, and improvements to operational metrics.

Dan Thompson, Strategy and Transformation Director at Moneybarn

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