How Age Partnership are utilising AI to proactively intervene at the right moment in an employee’s journey.

Clever Nelly shines a light on where the potential gaps are in our training.

So, it’s highlighting gaps in the material, but also highlighting to our people some of their own application of the knowledge and allowing them to take control.”

The problem…

An influx of new starters were joining Age Partnership, requiring extensive resource and time to train to competency.

A second pain point came from existing quality controls and training practices. Knowledge gaps were being brought to light retrospectively, creating a downward spiral where an employee’s diminished confidence would hinder their performance and impact business revenue.

Age Partnership had two core priorities in turning to our AI as an alternative to the default ‘sheep dip’ training method, those being to:

  • Optimise the time required for new starters to achieve competent advisor status
  • Give employees control of their own development

The solution…

With Clever Nelly, Age Partnership were able to assess and automatically repair individual competency gaps.

New learners could be closely monitored, whilst tenured employees were able to proactively prevent future case failings rather than learn from past mistakes; the AI would pinpoint and target low knowledge areas in real-time to help them retain business-critical information, taking less than two minutes a day.

The results…

In a single quarter, 6,821 learning interventions were fulfilled, resulting in a 14% correct answer improvement and a 5% rise in employee knowledge.

Clever Nelly’s data insights made it possible for managers to intervene at critical moments, increasing employee satisfaction levels by 80% for new hires who had shown low scores, and accelerating speed-to-competency.

One individual achieved competent advisor status the fastest seen by Age Partnership, taking just nine weeks and demonstrating high knowledge and engagement scores in Clever Nelly.


Week record for an employee achieving competent advisor status with Clever Nelly


Improvement in correct answers from a single quarter of our AI’s learning interventions


Rise in employee knowledge, on average


Increase in employee satisfaction for new hires who had previously scored low for engagement or knowledge

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