How we supported Faurecia to implement a business-critical initiative and increased knowledge by 16% in just four weeks.

We used Clever Nelly to help support our response to an urgent global business issue. We needed to reduce our exposure to risk & evidence employee competency prior to implementing a critical business initiative.


Faurecia use our Artificial Intelligence to support the competence and in-role capability of over 2,500 managers and employees across 200+ manufacturing plants in 37 countries.


An urgent business issue drove them to temporarily pivot all efforts to deploy and validate competence of critical changes to their working practices. From conception to delivery, Nelly was mobilised in just two weeks, leading to 65,000 interventions in one month. This established a baseline of employee competence in six days and quickly identified areas that required reinforcement and clearer communication.


Competence gaps were identified at an employee, team, country and business group level. Knowledge improved by 16% in just four weeks.

In only six weeks, they were able to successfully implement a business critical global initiative and Nelly was a core part of making that happen.



Improvement in knowledge in 4 weeks

Interventions in 1 month

Time taken to deploy

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