How Hargreaves Lansdown are instilling a culture of employee competence and compliance in under two minutes a day.

“Clever Nelly’s questions are targeted at the knowledge that we want people to have.

They get a question, they answer it and they get told how they’re performing – it’s simple and non-intrusive.”

The problem…

Periodical testing ticks the box on training but it is time-consuming, disenfranchises employees and offers few assurances to managers.

As a regulated firm, Hargreaves Lansdown required a scalable solution that could instil in-role capability and evidence this in real-time; not as a snapshot on a given date.

The solution…

During Clever Nelly’s diagnostic phase, each employee received two questions to complete, forming the individual employee knowledge profiles needed for the Artificial Intelligence to begin customising learning opportunities and closing gaps.

This information gave Hargreaves Lansdown untold value in identifying trends, employee outliers and potential business risks.

The results…

Clever Nelly distributed 300,811 learning interventions in the last 12 months, culminating in a consistent average competency rate of 81.3%.

Following a training course on ‘investment products’ for newer members, Clever Nelly boosted employee knowledge by 15.4% between January and February 2020. Their knowledge levels in this area were then maintained at a continued average of 75%.



Employee competency rating, on average


User engagement score over 12 months


Improvement in employee knowledge after a month of Clever Nelly learning interventions for new members post-training

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