How Microsoft used AI from Elephants Don’t Forget to improve employee in-role performance.

“We now understand the capabilities of our teams right down to the employee level and Clever Nelly will continue to ask questions focused in lower knowledge areas and help our colleagues to boost their retention of critical information from their training.”

The problem…

Microsoft required a solution that would:

  • Enable them to continually assess and quantify the desired outcomes of their learning and development initiatives.
  • Gently repair knowledge and competency “gaps”.
  • Overtly link the improvement in employee knowledge and capability to improvements in specific customer service KPIs including: First Contact Resolution (FCR), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Help Resolved (HR), and Average Handling Time (AHT).

The solution…

Clever Nelly automatically assessed and recognised the subject areas where each individual employee was demonstrating competency alongside the areas where they were lacking in specific subject knowledge; adjusting the focus of subject-area questions (interactions) and the number asked per day depending on each unique baseline knowledge assessment. These ranged from one per day to five per day.

The results…

Recognising that the human brain does not learn as effectively as every employer would want, Microsoft deployed Elephants Don’t Forget’s AI solution, Clever Nelly, to guarantee all their great training content was genuinely learned and retained. This resulted in significant employee capability and business performance improvements.


Increase in employee knowledge across specific Lines of Business (LOBs)


Decrease in Average Handling Time (AHT)


Increase in First Contact Resolution (FCR)


Increase in Help Resolved (HR)


Increase in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

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