How VCFSUK culturally changed the perception of employee compliance with AI to surpass their aspirational annual test scores by 11%.

Clever Nelly imparted the knowledge that we needed it to do – which was important – but it also culturally changed how people were viewing the annual compliance knowledge testing, and that was the wider result that I wanted to achieve.”

The problem…

Annual testing of compliance knowledge can trigger performance anxiety and low confidence levels, resulting in poorer test scores.

Volvo Car Financial Services UK Ltd wanted their people to feel that they were being given the right exposure to the right amount of training and knowledge.

The solution…

Recognising the need to instil genuine and long-lasting employee competency, VCFSUK set out to socialise an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to deliver continual competency assessments and automatically repair knowledge gaps in real-time.

Employees would receive two daily questions, taking less than two minutes to complete. The AI used this insight to customise learning journeys that would demystify the testing of compliance and address gaps in knowledge on an individual basis.

The results…

Through the principles of repetition, self-testing and spaced learning, Clever Nelly sustained an average of 89% for employee competency on FCA-related content.



Average employee competency on FCA-related testing


User engagement with Clever Nelly, without a single non-engaged employee

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Discover how VCFSUK supported their employees to surpass annual compliance testing targets…

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