How Wave are continuously bolstering employee confidence to ultimately deliver a higher quality of customer service.

“I wanted a team of experts; people who can answer – with confidence – any customer query at any point in time.

That’s where Clever Nelly came in. We had to make sure that we were giving them every possible chance to be supported, to learn, grow, develop and be successful.

Nelly gives us all of that.”

The problem…

In the aftermath of the COVID outbreak, Wave found that the physical barriers brought about from remote working meant that their advisors had fewer opportunities to seek peer-to-peer assurances.

They desired a solution that would amplify the impact of their considerable training investment and build employee confidence. Rather than ‘tick the box’ on subject mastery on the basis of courses being completed, it was also critical that managers could tangibly evidence competence in real-time.

The solution…

At a consistent engagement rate of 94% over Q1 2022, Wave found that our Artificial Intelligence could deliver learning interventions to a dispersed workforce in as little as two minutes of an employee’s day. These assessed and automatically repaired individual knowledge gaps.

To expand Clever Nelly’s potential, the original question set was increased to include role-specific and scenario-based interventions that would evaluate not just information recall but an advisor’s decision-making capabilities.

The results…

With improvements across the board, Wave are fulfilling their objective to set their people up for success.

Over 8,300 individual assessments were conducted, with customised learning opportunities and actionable data insights on where managers should prioritise training resource and attention.

Clever Nelly’s most engaged users demonstrated a knowledge score that was 18% higher – on average – compared to users who had engagement levels that were below 80%.



Higher knowledge scores for the AI’s most engaged users


User engagement with Clever Nelly across Q1 2022

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