Support your workforce from anywhere in the world.

Protect your employees from knowledge and competency fade, whilst improving wellbeing and reducing risk.

Using AI to reduce the effects and risks associated with working from home…

Whilst it undoubtedly has upsides for employee and employer – employee performance suffers as a result of the loss of the office environment. Covid-19 has made working from home a reality for millions of previously office-based employees.
“We used Clever Nelly to help support our response to an urgent global business issue. We needed to reduce our exposure to risk & evidence employee competency prior to implementing a critical business initiative. Competence gaps were identified at an employee, team, country, and business group level and knowledge improved by 16% in just 4 weeks”

Our AI is being actively deployed by firms in your sector to help them overcome…

Loss of peer-to-peer learning
Arrested speed to competency
Increased risk taking
Lower quality audit and compliance data
Decreased employee satisfaction and support
Decreased emotional wellbeing

You’ll be in good company

We are proud to be working with some of the world’s biggest brands across multiple countries to achieve mission critical business objectives by deploying our AI.

We now understand the capabilities of our teams right down to the employee level and Clever Nelly will continue to ask questions focused in lower knowledge areas and help our colleagues to boost their retention of critical information from their training.


Elephants Don’t Forget answered our challenge. How do we stay compliant whilst demonstrating continuity for our people in how they are supported. The AI is playing a crucial role in driving both these fronts globally across customer facing divisions and our support functions.

Nelly has been extremely successful for our business with average levels of knowledge increasing by over 30% in a year.

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