SMCR – Removing the Burden

A pragmatic blueprint for solo regulated firms on how and with minimal effort, they can use proven AI to land, maintain and critically important, evidence, best in class employee in-role competency and knowledge.
SMCR - Removing the Burden

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    Please note: the Abstract and content of this Purple Paper was first published prior to the extension of the implementation deadline.

    With Conduct Rules being required to be known and understood by every employee in the firm by the end of 2020, the bar isn’t getting any lower and the regulator is increasingly losing patience with firms who pay lip-service to their obligations, or appear to do so.

    FCA announced in their 2020/21 Business Plan that they will be targeting the culture of solo regulated firms, the vast majority of whom are currently struggling under the burden of SM&CR.

    Elephants Don’t Forget are world leaders in the use of artificial intelligence to augment how employees learn and retain mission-critical workplace knowledge and competency. We are not a training organisation and we do not provide content. We do however offer firms guaranteed learning outcomes and best in class employee compliance.