Talent show: why improving the competency levels of your employees can increase productivity and employee satisfaction


Reskilling, upskilling, and transferable skills have been dominant topics within industry publications this May.


From a lack of forward-thinking employee in-role development and support programs to the continuing issue of employees demanding flexible hybrid working environments post-pandemic, businesses are being urged to consider the impact that a lack of employee-centric development is having on retaining talent, increasing productivity, and keeping their employees satisfied in (and out) of the workplace.

A recent study by LHH – a global talent and career solutions company- recently surveyed 2,100 HR decision-makers in the UK, US, Canada, France and Australia and concluded that only 56% of organisations are ‘actively working to future-proof their talent pipelines’, noting that there is ‘evidence that organisations are struggling with key components of a future-looking HR strategy’.

The survey found that only half (47%) of organisations are actively focusing their attention on the ‘transferrable skills of existing employees to fill future job openings’, with 38% of HR-decision makers stating that they currently do not participate in reskilling or upskilling programs.

Only 33% of respondents stated they were ‘extremely confident’ in their ability to effectively launch and manage reskilling and upskilling programs.[1]

An additional study conducted by Beamery also found that ‘bad leadership, poor employee support and stagnant [career] growth opportunities’ during Covid-19 are driving enormous employee churn in the UK.

According to the company’s Talent Index, they found that career ‘regression’ is a prominent issue for many UK employees, as 53% of the respondents surveyed cited working from home (WFH) as having a ‘negative impact on their personal development and progression at work’.

39% stated that their skills ‘have grown stale’, with 48% noting that their employer has ‘not offered them any opportunities to learn or develop new skills’ since work from home (WFH) was enforced. [2]

To further compound matters, an additional study by financial independent UK professional services firm, Barnett Waddingham, recently surveyed 2,000 UK workers and concluded that 33% of UK employees could be ‘prompted to seek work elsewhere if their organisation did continue to provide flexible hybrid working environments beyond the pandemic’. [3]


Are you concerned about employee in-role development and the impact that satisfaction levels could be having on your productivity?

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With more employees looking for flexible WFH roles, we can help you to compensate for the loss of unconscious learning from peers in the office by ensuring you can provide comprehensive in-role development and support to every individual.

Our AI continually and automatically works with new and tenured employees to identify and then improve their individual workplace knowledge and competency gaps. By working with each employee on a personal level it will transform your on-boarding, induction and competency management process.

Increase productivity by replicating star performers

Socialise the AI with your team to establish a team average and individual baseline of competency and identify gaps personal to each employee. We will work with you to ensure each employee is working at the optimum level.

Utilise our Performance Team to identify and clone the behaviours and competencies of your top performers and then allow the AI to gently cultivate those behaviours and skills in all your employees to improve overall productivity.

Improve customer loyalty by delivering the service your customers deserve

Improve employee competency and productivity

Significantly Improve the in-role knowledge and competency of your employees to improve employee job satisfaction and service levels.

Support your employees to build confidence in their role and continually assess and improve their understanding of products, services, and documented policies. Reduce errors, improve CSAT and drive employee and customer loyalty.

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