Improved employee knowledge and competency. Guaranteed.

We are world leaders in the use of Artificial Intelligence to augment how each employee learns, retains and evidences in-role knowledge and competency.

Knowledge is power

Discover how we can help you to…
Supercharge employee & business performance

Supercharge employee & business performance

Effortlessly ensure that every employee has the knowledge, capability and competence to perform their role to the best of their ability to continuously improve business performance.
Improve & evidence regulatory compliance

Improve & evidence regulatory compliance

Augment your single point in time employee assessment regime with AI that continually assesses employees, whilst automatically rectifying gaps and providing best in class, independent evidence.
Quantify & mitigate operational risk

Quantify & mitigate operational risk

A stress-free, light-touch and precise means of quantifying the level of operational risk arising from the workforce and, in many instances, mitigating it without any need for management intervention.
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How capable and productive is your team?

We know, from over 100 million interventions that on average your employees know 52% of what you need them to know to optimally perform their role.

Elephants Don’t Forget increase knowledge and competency by 67%*

Spaced learning, repetition and continual assessment enables Elephants Don’t Forget to displace more than 75% of the traditional, employee-unpopular, annual refresher training. Saving your business time and money whilst improving employee satisfaction.
Reduce Disruption
Increase Engagement
Improve Competency
Elevate Performance

Guaranteed learning and performance outcomes

Our multi-award-winning AI is grounded in science and has the benefit of more than 7 years successful operation in some of the world’s largest and best-known brands. It is for these reasons we are unique in being able to offer every customer a no-quibble money back guarantee of learning outcome achievement.

The stats speak for themselves…


Average level of employee competency before deploying our AI.


Average level of employee competency after deploying our AI.


Million questions answered by our customers last year.


The amount of seconds our AI engages with each employee per day.


The amount of knowledge forgotten 28 days after training.


The reduction in annual refresher training after deploying our AI.


The number of countries Elephants Don’t Forget operate in.


The number of languages Elephants Don’t Forget speak.

You’ll be in good company

We are proud to be working with some of the world’s biggest brands across multiple countries to achieve mission critical business objectives by deploying our AI.
We have seen an increase in our first point resolution and also our net promoter score (NPS) has gone from strength to strength
After 9 weeks Nelly improved knowledge scoring from an average of 59% in week 1 to 82% in week 9
The AI gives us visibility into our processes like we never had before! We also achieved a significant improvement in speed to competency

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