A new report from Gallup has found that – although employee engagement is rising – the majority of the world’s workers are still “quiet quitting”.

Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report details good news in terms of employee engagement, which – according to the extensive worldwide employee survey – has found that engagement reached a record high in 2022 (23%), with more workers finding meaningful connections with their employer, team and management – all benefiting global productivity and GDP growth.[1]

However, nearly six in 10 employees fell into the category of “quiet quitting”, with the report finding that actively disengaged employees cost the global economy $8.8 trillion dollars (£6.6 trillion Pound Stirling) or 9% of global GDP.

The report also cites that employee stress levels remain at a record high; the second year in a row that stress has continued to rise. 51% of employees surveyed also stated they were actively or passively job seeking, with increases in pay, improved wellbeing and opportunities to grow and develop in-role cited as the top three primary areas for job seekers.

In the context of eliminating stress and improving performance of workers – whether they are fully remote, hybrid or fully on-site – the report found that employer engagement matters much more than where people work; with engagement having as much as 3.8x influence on employee stress and development as work location.

Recent reports from Microsoft supports these findings, with their Work Trend Index Special Report (April 2023) shedding new insight on the critical importance of employee engagement within the workplace and the role it plays within organisations in gaining – and maintaining – competitive advantage. Read more here.

Workers were also asked, “If you could make one change at your current employer to make it a great place to work, what would it be?” Overall, 85% of responses related to three categories: engagement or culture (41%), pay and benefits (28%), and wellbeing (16%).

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