The Tick-Box Training Fiasco

 For too long the vast majority of regulated firms have pursued what many would regard as a cynical box-ticking approach to employee competency and knowledge. The regulator(s) is switched on to this and the consequences for tens of thousands of Senior Managers are now intensely personal and potentially career ending.

Tick-Box Training Fiasco

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    Almost every firm is guilty of it, but just what are the consequences of embracing a tick-box approach to employee L&D or Training and Competency (T&C) as some sectors refer to it? And just how should L&D practitioners, with limited budgets, increasing market complexities & legislation and management pressure for minimising lost time respond?

    Particularly in the light of FCA outgoing CEO, Andrew Bailey, specifically emphasising too many market participants are focussed on ticking boxes rather than ensuring the necessary outcomes are achieved. Any Senior Manager or Certified Employee should read this short paper if they wish to genuinely comply with the regulations under which they trade and protect their professional reputation and credibility and that of their employer.

    And also any L&D practitioner who recognises the futility of the tick-box training approach and genuinely wants to make a difference to employee competence and knowledge, without losing sight of the fact they work in a commercial enterprise which exists not to receive training but to ethically make money for shareholders.